Ancient watercolor on V.Loria paper (1849-1939)

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Ancient and extraordinary signed and dated watercolor, of fine workmanship, of the master Vincenzo Loria, (Salerno 1849 - Spice 1939) depicting boats and people in Massa Carrara.
V.Loria, Student of Domenico Morelli was one of the most important watercolors in the early 1900s.
The painting, in good condition, is inserted in wooden frame with cream and glass passepartout.
Signed at the bottom left. Date 1934
Size with frame: 43 x 63 cm
Cardboard size: 31 x 49 cm




In his hometown he began to devote himself to painting under the guidance of the French master Leon Richter, and then studying in Naples at the Academy of Fine Arts, where, a pupil of Domenico Morelli, he distinguished himself for the mastery acquired in the technique of the acequerial He later painted on commission for foreign amateurs and rich gallery owners, including Luigi Pisani, who purchased numerous works for his Florentine gallery of Borgo Ognissanti. The spread of archaeological theme paintings was favored by the production of tables on commission of the Pompeian Archeology expert Antonio Niccolini, for which Loria illustrated the work "The houses and monuments of Pompeii", published in Naples in 1887 and then spread in the main libraries, museums, academies and royal houses of the time; engravings chosen from the volumes curated by Niccolini were also sent to America, helping to spread overseas the fame of Loria and the other artists participating in the project. On behalf of the Minister of Education Antonio Scialoja, the artist produced didactic illustrations on Pompeian art to be distributed at high school and Italian artistic university schools. In addition, Loria participated in the campaigns of documentation of archaeological excavations also in Ercolano, Stabia and Paestum.

In 1890 Loria opened an important art gallery in Naples - initially in via Vittoria 6[1], then at number 31 of the same road and subsequently in via Partenope 2- which soon became one of the reference points of the Neapolitan school of the late nineteenth century. Loria's studio was attended by illustrious Italian and foreign personalities, not only European: noble, industrial, politicians. The family of German entrepreneurs Krupp - German dynasty originally from Essen, who became famous for the production of steel and for the factories of ammunition and weapons - and the Americans Singer, are remembered, only two of the numerous clients That Loria had during his long life and that we find recorded - together with many others - in the large notebook in which the artist noted the names and addresses of each client, today precious testimony of his fame and how much his work was required and appreciated

In addition to being an appreciated painter, Loria was a designer, lithographer, engraver, ceramic decorator and also experienced the photography technique.

After the death of his wife, in 1929, Loria moved to La Spezia, a city in which he lived ten years, until the death occurred on October 31, 1939. In the Gulf of the poets the painter from Salerno was able to find inspiration, after a period of inactivity. In La Spezia it was also awarded the title of dean of the Spezzini artists

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