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Antique painting C. Secchi portrait of a young girl

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Nice sized picture in a carved and silvered wooden frame, depicting a young girl.
Painting signed Claudio Secchi born in Milan Italy in 1920. he Lived and worked in Lombardy
“The artist Claudio Secchi took the common denominators between the great monotheists and polytheists; among those that dominate Western and Eastern culture. The originality of this lies in the understanding that all religions are the true spiritual food of man, the true explanation of our existence, the light of our ground of encouragement. And in the light, in the color, in their action and interaction that determine the unconscious meanings of being part of an expression of an infinite Universal Spirit or Being creation and salvation ''.

Length 63.5 cm
Width 54 cm

Canvas size:
Length 40 cm
Width 30 cm
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