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The return home of the statue of San Michele after the restoration entrusted to the Vassallo restoration center

Il ritorno a casa della statua di San Michele dopo il restauro affidato al Centro Restauri Vassallo

The statue of San Michele returns to Avella after a profound restoration intervention

March 3, 2022

Thanks to the work of the Vassallo restoration center, on the morning of March 3, 2022, the statue of San Michele finally returned home.
The works, strongly desired by the "Grotte Committee" and by the parish priest Don Giuseppe Parisi, were carried out by ours "Vassall Restoration Center"Under the high surveillance of the official of Mic Dott.ssa Paola Apuzza and Dr. Antonia Solpietro for the Bishop Curia of Nola, BB.CC office ..
our Vassallo restoration center It is an accredited and hoisted company to the conservation and restoration of works of art in which specialized restorators have been operating for four generations, with great experience.