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The side door of the Cathedral of Salerno has been restored

The side door of the Cathedral of Salerno has been restored. The nineteenth-century door, which had been closed for years, was restored by the "Centro Restauro   Vassallo" of Montecorvino Rovella, under the high supervision of the Superintendency of Salerno as they  explained Alessio and Antonio Vassallo:”
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The return home of the statue of San Michele after the restoration entrusted to the Vassallo restoration center

The statue of San Michele in Avella was restored thanks to the intervention strongly desired by the Grotte Committee and the parish priest Don Giuseppe Parisi, entrusted to the "Vassallo restoration center" in Montecorvino Rovella.
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The light to the cloth of San Matteo has been laughing

With a long and complex restoration lasted 4 months the San Matteo cloth returns to its original splendor. 21 August 2018
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