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This computer document shows the rules (the "site regulation") on the basis of which the company Vassallo Antiques srl at a single member (called in this document "Seller") provides users with the possibility of booking and buying furniture, paintings and varied objects From collectors through the website.
Please read the site's regulation before buying, booking or formulating an offer compared to any asset on the platform since the related transactions fall under the discipline of this IT document approved by the Company itself and, consequently accepted by the end customer In the aforementioned phases.
The forwarding of orders through the site (now or in the future) constitutes acceptance of the site regulation itself

The seller reserves the right to change the site regulation over time, it is therefore recommended to print a copy of the same for future consultation.
The use of personal data transmitted through the Site is governed by the company's privacy policy.

For completeness it is specified that any reference to the "site" contained in this regulation includes all current or future versions of the web page (or future modification of the same) as well as any mobile application through which you have access to the site Or to the services of the seller and this regardless of whether access is in one and in the other case, access to occur through a currently existing platform or device or via a future platform or device. The premise is an integral and substantial part of this contractual regulation.

Seller definitions and identification:

1.1. Seller information: The goods covered by these General Conditions are placed on sale from the company Vassallo Antiques Srl in a single member, with registered office in Naples (NA), Via S.Tommaso d'Aquino, 33 (PI IT07338601219), registered with the Registry of companies of Naples with REA number: na - 877443. Tel: 089.863722 - 331.1593007 below indicated as "Seller".

1.2. Definitions:
Seller: Subject indicated in ePigrafe or the service provider of e-commerce service.
Service (s): Set of functions made available to the user via the website
Website: website
System: Integrated reservation / purchase / product information system and or formulation of binding offers.
Feedback: Extension of opinion on the service offered (at the request of the seller)
User / i: Subject Using the site for visualization or purchase of goods traded
Well / i: Used nobody furniture or value of high historical and / or artistic paintings and antiques collection objects.
Order (s): booking, purchase or formulation of a purchase offer by site users through the system.

Art. II
General conditions of use and sales

2.1. Object of the contract: the seller provides users with an integrated system for booking, purchase or formulation of purchasing offers of furniture, paintings and collectibles that are purchased in the state in which they are located, without any restorative intervention, except Different indication by the user.

2.2. Navigation on the site: navigation in any area of ​​the site involves acceptance of this regulation.

2.3 Change to the Regulation: The Seller has the right to change this regulation at any time. It is recommended to periodically check the appropriate section of the site as the rules reported must be considered binding for all users. The latter are required to respect the policies and the discipline in force at the time when making a reservation, a purchase or formulate an offer for some of the products sold through the web platform

Art. III
Information about the Site User

3.1. Legal capacity and age: by making an order through the site, the user guarantees and confirm:

• to have the capacity to act, necessary to conclude legally binding contracts in any express form.
• to have accomplished 18 years or having reached the legally necessary age for the country of origin or in which it resides at the time of the transaction.
3.2. Rejection of orders: the above, orders from, or carried out on behalf of, minor subjects of the 1980s will not be accepted. The achievement of the greatest age will be verified at the time of purchase by specific request for indication of the tax code and of the Related documents necessary for consultation.

Art. IV
Price and payment

4.1. VAT and delivery costs: the prices shown on the Site are inclusive of VAT, while shipping costs are borne by the buyer unless expressly indicated the opposite being purchased and are regulated by the same as mutual agreement with the end user Based on the area and the destination territory of the good.
If the delivery should take place in the national territory (with shipping through external couriers and not by the seller) shipping costs are specifically indicated by the seller before the conclusion of the sale itself. Even the same if the objects are transported and Then delivered by the seller as a pre / commission agreement.
In the case of delivery with one of the couriers, of which the seller reserves the right to choose, delivery times vary from 2 to 12 working days which also include the packaging specified in wooden box and protection materials.
If the delivery was organized by the seller with transport by him, the times instead vary depending on the area and furthermore the seller reserves the right to not shorten the expenses for the management of goods.
4.2. Incorrect price indication: This site contains a vast number of goods and it is possible that some of them can bear a non-exact price indication. If the correct price of one of the articles is higher than the price indicated on the site, it will be the burden of the seller to contact the user before completing the purchase. In this case, Vassallo Antiques srl has no obligation to ensure that the product is supplied to the user at the lower price incorrectly indicated.
In the hypothesis in which the price is higher than the one originally agreed and the user is a consumer pursuant to Legislative Decree. 206/2005 (Consumer Code), the user will have the right to withdraw from the Order.

4.3. Methods of payment: Every payment by the buyer can take place solely by PayPal, bank transfer, credit / debit card, mark or with withdrawal at the seller.
At the time of purchase, the user will be required to include his tax code as proof of identity and the achievement of increased age.
The seller is not responsible for any delays in the processing of payments and transactions by paper or bank transfer.

4.4. Orders rejected: based on ordinary banking procedures, once an order has been made for which the user pays by credit card, the bank or the company that issued the card reserved (CD "Ring Fence") the full amount relative to 'Order. If the order is subsequently rejected or canceled for any reason, the bank or company that emitted the card will proceed to make the relevant amount available in the user's account. This process may take several days (depending on the bank or company that issued the card). The user, consciously, accepts that the seller is not responsible for the possible delay with which the Bank or the Company that issued the Charter provides for the re-transfer of the funds to the user's current account.

4.5 Payments with Klarna: "To be able to offer the user the payment methods of Karna, at checkout we could transmit the user's personal data in Klarna in the form of contact details and details of the order, so that Klarna can evaluate the suitability of the user to his Payment methods and customize these payment methods. The personal data of the transferred user are treated in line withThe Privacy Policy of Klarna.

Art. V

5.1. General provisions: In case of technical problems or other nature, which prevent or make the booking, offering or purchase transactions difficult, the seller makes available to users, via live chat, an active customer service 24h / 24. The user can get in touch with the customer service by clicking on the live chat directly accessible on the site, or by calling the following number +39 (089) 863722 or by sending an email to

5.2. Complaints and feedback from users: In the event that the user is not satisfied with the quality of any article or service provided he will be able to introduce his opinion through the site (only at the request of the seller), in the form of evaluations, Comments and reviews (jointly indicated as "feedback") that reflect their experience. Directly written communications to the seller and any complaints will be considered valid only if sent by email to the following address:
The user indicates his own residence or domicile, the telephone number or e-mail address to which he wants the seller's communications and has the right to modify the related data at all times.

5.3. Compensation: in the event that the user is not satisfied with the quality of any article or service provided and desires to request a refund, a proportional reduction in the price or any other form of compensation, is required to contact the seller directly in order to Present your complaint, with the methods described above, within 48 hours of delivery. The user is aware that the seller has no control over the couriers or the packaging and shipping activity and is unable to provide, nor does it assume any responsibility or commitment to provide compensation for facts attributable to the carrier except as provided to Art. X par. 10.5 of this contractual regulation.

Art. YOU

6.1. Use: except for a generic and absolute prohibition of improper use of the site (consistent, by way of example, in the use of computerized piracy or computerized extraction techniques), the user is allowed to use the functions implemented under the conditions below reported. - The user has the right to print or unload the photographic representations of the products spell exclusively for personal use, ie for purposes other than trade, with the exception of the case in which he obtained from the appropriate authorization to this sense. - unless otherwise indicated, copyright and other intellectual property rights relating to the site and the material published in it belong to the seller (including disciplining contracts of purchase and privacy policy). Any use of website extracts is prohibited. Which occurs for purposes or with modes other than the provisions of this article. -
It is not allowed to change the digital or paper copies of any printed material or use any design, photography or other graphic image, video or audio sequence separately from the text that accompanies it.

6.2. Use restrictions: No part of the site can be used, reproduced or archived on another website. It is not possible to insert any reproductions of the site in any system or service, public or private, for electronic recovery of information without the prior written authorization of the seller.

6.3. Reserve of rights: rights not explicitly granted from the website are reserved.

VII access to the service

7.1. Site availability: Although the seller joins to ensure that access to the site can take place twenty-four hours on a twenty-four (24h / 24), it does not assume any obligation in this regard and cannot be held responsible towards the user in the case In which the site, at any time or for periods of any durability, is not available to access or create difficulties in the standard procedures listed above such as:
Booking, request for information, purchase or formulation of an offer for one or more products exposed and published on the site itself.

7.2. Suspension of access: access to the domain can be temporarily suspended at any time, even without notice. The owner of the web page will be restricted to send the user, in a reasonable time, every communication concerning the suspension.

7.3. Computer security: the user is aware that the transmission of information via the internet is never completely safe. Although the seller undertakes to take all the measures prescribed by the law for the protection of the information entered, it is unable to guarantee the security of the data transmitted to the website; The transmission is therefore carried out at the user's risk.


8.1. Use of reviews: Feedback left by users on third party sites (platforms or sites like Trustpilot and eBay, used by the seller to promote the development of its business) have purpose exclusively informative.
The reviews reflect the opinions, customers who have ordered or used the site, statements, tips or opinions, which belong exclusively to them. Without prejudice to the provisions of the applicable law, the seller does not assume any responsibility or commitment to compensation to any person in relation to reviews from the defamatory content or obscenities, omissions or falsehoods, but is committed to always keeping open to problem resolutions and / or contestations on feedback regarding the seller.

8.2. Responsibility: The user is obliged to compensate the seller for any damage (and for all related costs) suffered by the latter or applied to him by another third party and that he is derived from, or in connection with, the faculty Enter Feedback.

8.3. Communications to the Administrative or Judicial Authority: the Seller provides full cooperation to any competent authority that requires or imposing to reveal the identity or position of anyone publishing or transmitting reviews that promote violence or discrimination, contain defamatory, obscene or offensive material, violin The intellectual property rights of third parties lead to illicit activities, invade the privacy of third parties or give the impression of coming directly from the seller.

Art. Ix
Redirect to and from other sites

9.1. Third party sites: any redirect to sites of third parties on the web page, or its pages, in the form of social plug-ins, are provided exclusively for user convenience. The seller has no control over the sites other than the one through which it carries out and promotes its commercial activity or on its content or accessibility and, consequently, assumes no responsibility for this. The seller does not approve or release any guarantee in relation to the aforementioned sites, to the material present or the results deriving from the use of the same. Anyone who decides to access a site of third parties whose link on the site is present at its own risk.

Art. X
Responsibility exemption

10.1. Information provided on the site: In consideration of the amount of daily treated goods and offered to the public through the site, the seller does not guarantee that the description or information reported in individual ads are updated and / or complete. Vassallo Antiques srl is legitimized to make at any time (however before the conclusion of the sales contract) and without notice, any amendment to the material on the site or to the services provided (such as shipping methods and discounts on products in promotion) As well as the prices in it, with the only obligation to communicate the same to users. Any prejudicial event for the health of the customer caused by improper use of the products purchased on the site or consequence of the construction materials of the same or derived from other circumstances of any nature, does not involve any responsibility for the seller.

10.2. Exemption of responsibility: in view of the type of articles buyed (antique furniture, paintings and collectibles) The seller is not required to ensure that the goods have qualities suitable for the expectations of the users nor that the goods themselves are exempt from vices or defects deriving From their normal use over time. By accepting this clause, the user renounces to undertake any action to obtain the reimbursement of the amount paid, the reduction of the price or compensation of the damage for the hypotheses described except as well as expected by the consumer code.

10.3. Exceptions: except at the clause referred to in the point prior to the codicist discipline on Aliud Pro Alio and the provisions of serious defects (ie such as to make the verservable good compared to use its own). Marked goods, unless otherwise indicated, are purchased and resold by Vassallo Antiques srl without restorative works. The items subject to the offer to the public must be considered goods used, supplied as antiques, and as such unqualifiable as a product according to the definition pursuant to art. 3 letter e) of the consumer code.

10.4. Free deposit service: the seller provides the user (on his specific request, to be sent by email to indicating the deadline for collecting the goods, and corresponding, unless other than the seller's different specification moment of acceptance, the total due without excluding the possibility upon communication, to deny the availability for logistic and technical reasons) that purchases some of the articles traded on the platform, a free storage service for the goods for a maximum term of days 90.

10.5. Transportation service: In the event of damage caused by the carrier, the user can contact the Vassallo Antiques Srl secretariat (No. +39 (089) 863722) so that compensation practices are activated according to the current laws. For this purpose it is recommended, if a damaged object is delivered, to sign the vehicle letter exhibited by the courier with a reserve. Otherwise it will not be possible to advance request for damages. Since it is in the right of the buyer to control the goods before withdrawal, if the courier does not allow such operations, the user has the right to sign up with reserve specifying that the performance of the integrity checks of the goods was prevented. For orders made online, shipments can only take place following payment. The standard mode used is as follows: - Vector shipping - (a refund is required 1 euro per kg, as established by law 450/85 on vector transport)

10.6. Delivery time: estimated delivery and collection times (up to 12 working days for national shipments) are exclusively indicative. There is no guarantee that the goods purchased are delivered within the estimated times.

Art. Xi

11.1. GENERAL PROVISIONS: Nothing in this Regulation affects the indemnable rights that the law grants the users of the Site such as, by way of example and not exhaustive, the rights guaranteed to consumers pursuant to the Consumer Code.

11.2. Limitation of responsibility: Without prejudice to the forecasts referred to in Articles VII (par. 7.1), IX (par. 9.1.) And X, the overall responsibility of the seller towards users in relation to any loss deriving from, or in connection with, the service or site, be it on a contractual basis , Extra-contractual, for violation of obligations provided for by law or any other title, can under no circumstances exceed the value of what is paid to the deed of purchase. (ask for confirmation to the customer, to be approved via Point and click to the user when offers, reservations or purchases)

Art. Xii

12.1. Resolution causes: the seller has the right to solve, pursuant to art. 1456 of the Civil Code, or suspend (at its discretion) the user's right to make use of the site or service, by e-mail communication, in the following hypotheses: - The user used the site in violation of the art. Vi (User license); - The user has published the reviews of violating the forecasts of the art. VIII (feedback); - The user has violated any other essential provision of this regulation.

Art. Xiii

13.1. Right of withdrawal: the buyer has the right to withdraw from the contract, without penalty and without giving any explanation, within a period of 14 (fourteen) working days following the day when the goods are delivered.

13.2. Mode of withdrawal: the withdrawal must be carried out by registered letter with return receipt sent to the Vassallo Antiques srl offices (Contrada Aiello, 6 84096 - Montecorvino Rovella (SA). Within the same term than 14 (fourteen) working days, the goods must Be returned intact and packed with the same packaging used for delivery. The shipment is charged to the sender and is carried out under its own responsibility. The refund will take place, by bank transfer, no later than 60 (sixty) days from receipt of the goods . This right cannot be exercised in the event that the purchase invoice has been issued or if the goods have been withdrawn in person or with its own courier at the warehouses and deposits of the seller or in exhibitions that the seller carries out both national What an international.

Art. XIV
Written communications

14.1. Communications: the current legislation requires that some information and notices should be communicated in writing. Using the site or by booking or by purchasing or formulating an offer for some of the articles offered by the platform, you agree that communications by seller take place electronically. For the contractual purposes, the user accepts these electronic communication methods and recognizes that all contracts, alerts, information and other communications provided electronically by the seller comply with the legal requirement of the written form.

Art. XV
Miscellaneous and additional clauses

15.1. Privacy policy: the seller is obliged to protect user confidentiality and security. All the personal data collected by Vassallo Antiques srl are processed in accordance with the privacy policy in the field of privacy, which is made for further information.
15.2. Separability of clauses: if one or more terms or conditions of this regulation are declared invalid, illegitimate or ineffective, in whole or in part, any other term, condition or prediction, also if connected to those declared disabled or ineffective must be considered valid to the extent allowed by law.

15.3. Uniqueness of the Agreement: this Regulation and any other explicitly recalled document constitutes the entire agreement between Vassallo Antiques srl and the user and replaces all any previous negotiations, agreements, agreements or contracts between the parties in relation to the Object of the regulations.

15.4. Renaissance: any failure or late implementation (in whole or in part) of any prediction of this regulation cannot be interpreted as a renunciation of one or the other party to enforce its rights or remedies.

15.5. Assignment: The Site User cannot give any right or obligations provided for in this Regulation without the prior written consent of the Seller. Vassallo Antiques srl can cede any right or obligation provided for by this document to a subsidiary company or to any company with which it is associated to carry out entrepreneurial activity, which it acquires or which it is sold.

15.6. REVIEW: all that is not expressly governed by this contractual regulation must be considered to be submitted to the boundary discipline or the rules contained in Legislative Decree. 205/2006, where applicable.

Art. XVI
Disputes and competent hole

16.1. Applicable law and competent hole: this contractual regulation is regulated by the laws of the Italian Republic. For any controversy concerning the (or deriving from) this contract or its execution will be competent the hole of Naples.
In particular, the consumer resident in Europe has the right to compose the disputes arising in a complaint through the platform established with EU Regulation 524/2013 and reachable at the following address: /.
The complaint must be accompanied by the requested information and the parties (user and seller) will have to agree on the body to revolve the alternative resolution of the dispute, under penalty of the improcedibility of the application. The dispute must be composed within 90 days from the moment the body will receive the complete file from the platform established with EU Regulation 524/2013, except the case in which the organism itself, for particularly complex issues, deems to extend, at its own Discretion, the term of 90 calendar days.
The decision taken by the body will be binding between the parties and cannot be challenged if they have agreed in this sense when expressing its willingness to make use of this alternative resolution instrument. The procedural rules and the costs of the procedure will be communicated by the organism identified by common agreement.