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Shipping policy

10.4. Free deposit service: the seller provides the user (on his specific request, to be sent by email to indicating the deadline for collecting the goods, and corresponding, unless other than the seller's different specification moment of acceptance, the total due without excluding the possibility upon communication, to deny the availability for logistic and technical reasons) that purchases some of the articles traded on the platform, a free storage service for the goods for a maximum term of days 90.

10.5. Transportation service: In the event of damage caused by the carrier, the user can contact the Vassallo Antiques Srl secretariat (No. +39 (089) 863722) so that compensation practices are activated according to the current laws. For this purpose it is recommended, if a damaged object is delivered, to sign the vehicle letter exhibited by the courier with a reserve. Otherwise it will not be possible to advance request for damages. Since it is in the right of the buyer to control the goods before withdrawal, if the courier does not allow such operations, the user has the right to sign up with reserve specifying that the performance of the integrity checks of the goods was prevented. For orders made online, shipments can only take place following payment. For orders made online it is not possible to request a total repayment unless there has been a request for transport insurance so the standard mode used is as follows: - vector shipping - (a refund amounted to 1 euro per kg, As established by law 450/85 on vector transport)

10.6. Delivery time: estimated delivery and collection times (up to 12 working days for national shipments) are exclusively indicative. There is no guarantee that the goods purchased are delivered within the estimated times.