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The side door of the Cathedral of Salerno has been restored

Restaurata la porta laterale del Duomo di Salerno

Don Antonio Pisani, Director of the Office of Cultural Heritage of the Diocese, thanked Monsignor Bellandi who strongly wanted the door to be restored: "The Bishop is the door through which one enters the great mystery of the Church". The nineteenth-century door, which had been closed for years, was restored by the "Centro Restauro  Vassallo" of Montecorvino Rovella, under the high supervision of the Superintendency of Salerno, as they  explained Alessio and Antonio Vassallo:”  In compliance with the "Restoration Charter" we have tried to restore the door to its original state:  the wood was completely degraded. We did both  structural work  and the patina, in order to nourish the wood and bring it back to  its original essence".

Don also attended the inauguration of the restored door Michael Pecoraro, parish priest of the Cathedral who recalled that: "The door of a church represents the entrance into the heart of God". Among those present were the Vicar General Fr Alfonso Raimo; Don Peter Rescigno, Pastor of the Church of San Domenico; the Vice-President of the Copernicus Foundation, the lawyer  Nicola Scarpa; the Policy Advisor, Dr Emanuela Spalice Caggiano: the lawyer  Antonio Larocca, The lawyer Lucia Siniscalco and the doctor  Fabrizio Moscati.“I am the door of the sheep, whoever enters through me will be saved”. The door which is a sign of Christ is always a sign of encounters, of relationships". With these words, the Bishop of Salerno, Monsignor Andrea Bellandi wanted to underline the importance of the restoration carried out on the large wooden door of the Cathedral through which, leaving the quadriportico, one arrives directly on Via Roberto il Guiscardo, where the "Arciepiscopal Curia of the Diocese of Salerno" has its headquarters. The Archbishop, Monsignor Bellandi, entered through that door and blessed it, both from inside and outside, before expressing a word of prayer. The door has finally been returned to the city and in particular to the parish community of the Cathedral of Salerno.