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Opened on December 8th "The painted crib" by Mario Carotenuto thanks to the Rotari clubs and Rotaract of Salerno restored thanks to the intervention of the center restoration "Vassallo Antiques" by Montecorvino Rovella

Inaugurato l' 8 dicembre "Il presepe dipinto" di Mario Carotenuto grazie ai club ROTARI e ROTARACT di Salerno restaurato grazie all’intervento del  centro restauri “Vassallo Antiques” di Montecorvino Rovella

Again open to the public, as per tradition on the day of the Immaculate Conception, the marvelous "painted crib" by Mario Carotenuto after two long years of closure and after a long restoration work at the shapes attacked by the Tarri.

The Tarri had targeted one of the most characteristic works of the historic center of Salerno: the painted crib of the artist Mario Carotenuto, housed in the San Lazzaro del Duomo hall. Fortunately, the parasites attacked the bases of painted silhouettes, and the Bottega San Lazzaro - immediately intervened to start the disinfestation.
Chiara Natella, responsible for the Bottega San Lazzaro, the nephew of the artist Amedeo ternullo e The expert restorers of the Vassalo company They put into place all the measurements of a long, patient and carthusian work that also made it necessary to pass a special layer of protective paint on all wooden surfaces. Bagged, one for one the innumerable painted silhouettes, including smaller pieces, to treat everything with the gas chambers system that kills the Tagli.

"The importance of safeguarding cultural artistic heritage"

Mario Carotenuto's "nativity scene" is a real historical and cultural resource and as such, it must be preserved. At the inauguration there were all the members of the "Bottega San Lazzaro" who realized the crib following the indications of the Maestro Carotenuto and Professor Natella: Salvatore Racciagiagook, Adriana Pagano, Rossella Natella, Raffaele Gowns. There was also Senator Alfonso Andria, a great friend of Professor Peppe Natella, who followed all the implementation phases of the carrotenut crib.